ORMC Handouts

This page lists all the handouts I've written for my classes at the ORMC, a mathematics program for advanced students. We avoid "textbook" topics, and instead discuss interesting material that isn't seen in school.

I often tell my class that Math Circle makes no effort to teach math. Math Circle teaches you to think.

For my students:
Please don't look at solutions we haven't discussed, and please don't start any handouts before class. That spoils all the fun!

For everyone else:
Please ask for permission before using these. I may have advice! After running your class, send an email, tell me how it went. Especially if you find errors, mistakes, or poorly designed sections. Such things must be fixed!

Overview & Context

Our classes are two hours long, with a ten-minute break in between. The lessons below are written with that in mind.
At the end of the ideal class, an average student should be nearly (but not fully) done with that week's handout. If the class finishes early, the lesson is either too short or too easy.


Students never show up on time. Some come early, some come late. Warm-ups are my solution to this problem: we hand these out as the class walks in, giving us a light problem to talk about.


    The highest level of the ORMC, and my natural habitat.
    Students in ORMC Advanced are usually in high school, which means they're roughly 15-18 years old.